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Best Batteries for Festival Season

Best Batteries for Festival Season

It’s festival time again! Leeds and Reading are happening over the August bank holiday weekend, with Creamfields kicking off the night before. You’ve got your tickets, found a tent, drawn lots on who’s driving down, and you’re all ready to go.

But aren’t you forgetting something.

That’s right. If you’re off to a festival, you need more than beer, tickets and a leaky tent. You need batteries (and preferably cheap batteries). Batteries to stay in touch, batteries to make friends, and batteries to get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t believe us? You will once you’ve read this!

Best for Your Mobile

The worst thing about outdoor events is the queues. Queues for beer, queues for food, and now queues for the over-priced mobile phone charging station. If you plan ahead and pack, you’ll be the most popular person around, with people queuing to offer you a few quid or a couple of cans for a quick blast of your portable charger.

There are hundreds of power packs on the market, but before you buy a battery bank with an in-built battery, remember that you won’t have anywhere to charge your charger!

Instead, find one of the packs that runs on AA batteries and invest in a bulk pack of Duracell Plus Power batteries. They’re reliable, and if you don’t use them all at the festival, a ten year shelf life means they’ll be fine for next summer.

Best for Comfort

Fair enough, you won’t be sleeping much, and you’ll probably be drunk when you do, but real festival pros swear by an airbed in the tent. But given the amount of cigarette (and other) smoke in the air at a festival, you won’t want to blow it up yourself.

Instead, grab an airbed pump and pack a few affordable Eveready super heavy duty batteries. The pump will get your bed ready while you see what’s going on around the site.

Best for Small Devices

Handheld fans, portable speakers – whatever devices you take to a festival, chances are that they’re small, lightweight and low-draining. That means they’ll probably run on triple A batteries, so it’s worth throwing a few into your backpack.

Even if you’re not taking anything battery powered, being the person with access to some fully charged JCB Ultra Alkaline AAA batteries might just be the icebreaker you need to make a new friend (or get an invite to an impromptu 3am speaker-fuelled afterparty)!

That’s the Batteries Sorted – Anything Else?

Of course there’s nothing to be gained from walking around a muddy field carrying bags of AA batteries if you’ve got nothing to put them in. Not unless you’re going to try and swap a handful of Duracells for a can of fruity cider from the person in the tent two spots over.

One thing anyone who’s stumbled over a guy rope at 3am and face planted into what you hope is mud and some spilled lager insists you need at a festival is a torch of some description. But instead of lugging round a heavy flashlight, it’s worth investing in an LED head torch.

You won’t need something that you could use to signal a helicopter in a snowstorm – something like an Energizer 30 metre headlight will give you the light you need to navigate a campsite without blinding everyone who catches your eye.

Whatever batteries and accessories you choose to take to your chosen festival this summer, remember the golden rule of festivals.

Have fun!

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