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Which Are the Best Batteries for Hearing Aids?

Last week was 2018’s Deaf Awareness Week. Over the course of those seven days, the UK Council on Deafness did their part to support all those Britons with deafness and hearing loss.

We think that’s a great campaign, so we’ll be using this blog post to do our own small part for those customers of ours affected by hearing loss. We’ll be examining that small but regular expense – batteries for your hearing aids.

What Batteries do Hearing Aids Require?

Hearing aids can’t make your hearing perfect, but they provide invaluable assistance to anyone with hearing loss – making it easier to understand conversations, notice doorbells and ringing phones, and allowing users to enjoy music and TV. Over the past decade, these fantastic devices have become smaller and more effective, which has placed higher demands on the batteries used to power them.

As you’re aware, the most powerful batteries on the market tend to be too large and bulky for use with hearing aids, meaning users have to look for smaller, more compact options.

Furthermore, batteries which lose efficiency as they lose charge pose problems for hearing aids, as they result in a slow deterioration of hearing quality over time.

That means that to get the most from a hearing aid, you need a very specific kind of battery.

Which are the Best Batteries for Hearing Aids?

The best battery for your hearing aid needs to be:

* Small

* Long lasting

* Designed to provide consistent charge and efficiency

That means zinc air batteries. Of course, that doesn’t narrow your choice down by much as many manufacturers offer zinc air hearing aid batteries – most of whom you can find on our hearing aid batteries page.

So we went looking for data on the best batteries for hearing aids, and we found that a study has been done by professional hearing experts. And they found that when it comes to reliability and performance over time, the best hearing aid batteries on the market are made by…


Unsurprisingly, one of the market leaders in batteries makes the leading hearing aid batteries on the market.

Where Can I Get Hearing Aid Batteries?

Of course, you can purchase your hearing aid batteries directly from the Battery Force website. But we don’t think it’s in the spirit of Deaf Awareness Week to end this blog post with an advert.

So instead, we’ll tell you where you can find hearing aid batteries for free.

If you have an NHS-issued hearing aid, they will replace your batteries for free. Simply let your audiologist know that you need replacements, and they’ll show you how to apply to have new batteries posted out to you.

Unfortunately, this service doesn’t extend to privately-purchased hearing aids, or the aids you’ll receive from companies such as Specsavers, but in those circumstances we’re here to help.

But remember. The NHS might replace your hearing aid batteries, but when it comes to your remote control, smoke alarm or mantlepiece clock, you’ll need to head back to Battery Force

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