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Best Batteries for Ride On Toys

Best Batteries for Ride On Toys

Which Batteries are Best for Ride On Toys?

Kids nowadays. They don’t know they’re born. Whereas we used to have to pedal our pushbikes ten miles uphill each way, just to get to the shops to buy our daily lunch of cold gravel, today’s toddler hops aboard his battery-powered scooter, or into her electric toy car and cruises around the garden in search of Avocado toast or organically-sourced chocolates.

We joke, of course. Kids don’t have ride on toys because they’re lazy, or they’re spoiled. They have them because they’re absolutely great fun, as any parent who’s watched their three year old deftly navigate a family barbecue at a dazzling 2mph can attest.

But when that car or scooter runs out of battery, the fun stops. Because unlike a bike or a tricycle, these electric vehicles are too heavy and bulky for a child to push along with their feet.

So with summer nearly upon us, and with our readers in desperate need of a way of keeping the kids entertained (at least until the rain starts again), we look at the best batteries for ride on toys and electric toy cars.

It’s an Easy Choice to Make

Fortunately, this isn’t going to need us to compare various types of battery to come up with a winner. There’s no way you can power that 12V Jeep Wrangler or 6V ride on Mercedes with a bulk order of 100 industrial Duracell batteries.

Nope, instead, when you open the battery case of their car or scooter of choice, you’ll inevitably find a heavy-duty rechargeable battery.

So it’s really going to be a case of finding out what size and shape of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery that your child’s favourite toy takes, and buying one that matches!

Battery Force recommend Power-Sonic SLA batteries for ride-on toys for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this is a manufacturer that’s been in the game for over 40 years. Long enough to know exactly what they’re doing, but with a fresh enough approach that they’ve not become set in their ways.

In fact, we’re willing to bet that most of the ride-on toys you’ll buy are already powered by Power-Sonic SLA batteries. So when the time comes to replace the battery, you can pop on over to our online store, order a replacement, and have it delivered in next to no time.

And if they’re not Power-Sonic, that’s no problem. In fact, you’ll be upgrading to a more powerful battery with a longer lifespan!

When Should I Change the Ride-On’s Battery?

Unlike a lithium battery that can be left alone on the shelf for years, an SLA battery does have a fairly short lifespan. You can leave it unused for up to a year, but after that, it’s going to start losing performance quality fairly quickly.

So if you bought a ride-on for Christmas in 2017, and you’re looking to dust it off for summer 2019, chances are you’ll need a replacement battery to avoid disappointment.

If used regularly, and periodically recharged (for not more than 24 hours), your SLA battery should work just fine for 6-12 months if it’s in regular use. Be careful not to overcharge it, and don’t let it sit there and stagnate, and you’ll only be buying one a year.

And with Battery Force’s SLA batteries range for as little as £5.99 for a 6V battery, you can be sure that your child will have years of enjoyment without you regularly needing to break the bank!
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