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The Best Batteries for Your Cordless Phone

The Best Batteries for Your Cordless Phone

Even the title of this blog post feels old-school. Now we’ve all got smartphones, Facetime on our iPads and Skype on our computers, do we even use cordless phones? Yes, we do. And that means we need to power them.

With batteries. So as you’ve come to expect from Battery Force, we’ll be looking at the best batteries for your cordless phone.

Seriously though, who still has a landline?

The numbers are terrifying for phone companies. Between 2014 and 2018, over 816,000 households in the UK ditched their landlines. That’s staggering! Surely it’s the end of landlines?

Well, over 20 million households in the UK still have and use landline telephones, so let’s not pretend they’ve gone the way of the Yellow Pages just yet.

If you’re reading this, you’ve got a landline. And you’re not alone. So don’t feel like you’re stuck in the past. Take pride in that cordless handset. And make sure you buy the right batteries for it.

Onto the batteries. What battery does a phone handset take?

The most popular cordless phone in the UK – one of BT’s cordless range (probably with the built-in answering machine) takes two AAA batteries for its handset.

Now that handset fits nicely onto a charging station, so you’ve got options. The phone comes with NiMH rechargeable batteries as standard, but they degrade over time.

So you’ve got a choice. Expensive rechargeable batteries, or cheap and cheerful single use AAA batteries?

And what batteries should I buy?

The rechargeables. It’s pretty clear when you think about it. The handset has a charging station. It is designed to be used with rechargeable batteries, so that’s what you should use.

When it comes to AAA rechargeable batteries, we recommend the following brands:

Energizer Extreme AAA Batteries

Panasonic Eneloop AAA Batteries


 Most handsets are originally fitted with 500MAH batteries, so you can get away with a 500MAH or 550MAH battery such as Ansmann Maxe AAA batteries, but you’ll experience a longer lifespan from the more powerful Eneloop or Extreme battery.

And in extreme situations, you could use a single-use AAA battery. But you shouldn’t. Because that’s definitely a false economy in this situation.

Let’s refer back to an earlier blog post on the value you get from rechargeable batteries.

We won’t repeat the maths, as you can find that by clicking the link. But we’ll just mention the key takeaway when it comes to single use vs rechargeable batteries in a high use situation like this:

Over a rechargeable battery’s lifespan, single use batteries would be TWO HUNDRED AND FOUR TIMES more expensive.

204x more expensive. That seems like an open and shut case.

The best batteries for your cordless phones are high capacity rechargeable batteries, and with Battery Force, you’ll save up to 50% compared to the supermarkets.

Can’t say fairer than that!
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