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AA Batteries

AA Batteries

They’re the UK’s most widely used batteries, powering everything from TV remotes to children’s toys, RC vehicles to portable radios. If you’re on the go, or using any kind of technology that’s not plugged into a wall socket, chances are that you’re going to need AA batteries. The average UK household gets through 30 batteries per year, and more than half of these are double A.

Battery Force carries a range of AA batteries for all types of applications. From cheap and cheerful Duracell industrial batteries that’ll stop you having to get up to change channel, to high-powered rechargeable Eneloop smart batteries that’ll provide hours of power for your top-of-the-line camera, we’ve got the batteries you need. And we’ve got them cheaper than anywhere else.

Save Up to 70% on AA Batteries When You Order Online

Battery Force is the UK’s largest supplier of batteries from the world’s leading battery brands. We’re preferred importers for many leading manufacturers, and we have long-term relationships with everyone else. So when it comes to finding, importing and stocking AA batteries, there really is nobody better than Battery Force.

But it’s not the range of batteries that makes us the leading supplier. It’s not even our fantastic customer service or our partnerships with Duracell, Panasonic and JCB. It’s our prices. With Battery Force, you could save as much as 70% compared to the exact same batteries that you’d buy from a supermarket or other online retailer!

Our prices start low, and they get even lower. We use a unique bulk pricing structure so the more batteries you buy, the more you save.

Remember, the average UK household needs up to 20 AA batteries per year – more if you’ve got kids, or you’re a photographer, or you use lots of battery powered devices. That’s why our bulk prices kick in when you buy as few as two packs of AA batteries from our online store.

Everything we stock is a genuine, high-quality battery from a leading manufacturer. Because at Battery Force, we only believe in low prices – not low quality.

Spend £30, and get Free Delivery on AA Batteries

If you want to buy a bulk load of batteries and save even more money, we’ve got you covered. Spend more than £30 on your order, and we’ll deliver your batteries to any mainland UK address for free.

You won’t find better prices or better value for AA batteries from the world’s leading manufacturers. So what are you waiting for? Place your order with Battery Force today!