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The AAA battery is the smaller companion to the AA battery. While electronic equipment is becoming more efficient, using ever smaller amount of energy, battery technology is progressing, providing ever more power in the same amount of space allowing the AAA battery to slowly take over applications that were previously only possible with the larger AA battery.

Alkaline AAA batteries are the most common type of AAA battery. They are pre-charged, are suitable for all devices and are rated at 1.5 Volt. Zinc AAA batteries offer a cheap source of power for very low drain devices, such as TV remote controls, clocks or basic radios.

Lithium AAA batteries are very well suited for electronic applications where a steady voltage is essential to maintain optimum performance. In such high drain applications, a Lithium AAA battery will last much longer than an alkaline or Zinc battery.

Rechargeable AAA batteries have one obvious advantage over the other AAA batteries. When you've used them, you don't throw them away, but you simply recharge them.