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Batteries for Game Controllers

Batteries for Game Controllers

It’s the last minute of extra time. The ball is on the wing, the striker’s making his run and… Nothing. The controller’s dead and you’ve lost that game of FIFA. Or maybe your Xbox pad is giving up the ghost just as you’re hitting your best streak in CoD or Fortnite. Let’s face it, when batteries for game controllers lose their charge, they do it at the worst possible time.

So make sure you’re stocked up on high quality batteries. We’ve got batteries for Xbox controllers, batteries for Wii remotes, and batteries for Playstation pads. And unlike every other part of your gaming hobby, these batteries aren’t expensive (and we guarantee they don’t include any loot boxes or microtransactions).

Batteries for Games Console Controls – 70% Cheaper than the Supermarket

Gaming can be an expensive hobby. Consoles are expensive. Games are expensive. And don’t even get us started on how much it costs for new skins or weapon unlocks. So Battery Force has made it our mission to make at least one small part of console gaming a little bit cheaper.

We’re the UK’s biggest battery supplier, and we’ve got a range of agreements with Eneloop and Energizer to make sure we can sell high quality single use and rechargeable AA and AAA batteries for controllers cheaper than anywhere else. In fact, when you stock up on controller batteries on our online store, you could save up to 70% compared to buying the exact same products from the supermarket.

And they are the exact same products. These are genuine Energizer Max Plus, Energizer Extreme and Eneloop Pro batteries, perfect for use with Xbox, Wii and Playstation controllers and remotes. All that’s different about them is the price!

Spend £30, and get Free Delivery on Batteries for Game Controllers

If you’ve got a marathon gaming session planned, or you just want to make sure you’ve got spares for every control pad and remote you own, we offer a free delivery offer for anyone buying batteries in bulk. If you spend more than £30 on a single order, we’ll ship that to any UK location with no delivery fee. Saving you even more money.

You pay enough for new games and the latest console, so make sure you don’t pay more than you need to for batteries for game controllers.