Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro Traveller Charger

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There is an adjustable charging current for each slot ranging from 400mAh up to the quick 1800mAh for 1-2 rechargeable batteries. Each slot has an individual charging program. The charger has 3 function buttons - Current, Display and Mode. The Mode function allows you to charge, discharge refresh and test the batteries. The Current function allows you to choose the charging current. The Display button will show you the charging/discharging current, the voltage of the battery, the charging/discharging capacity and the remaining charging time (hh;mm) After charging is complete, the charger switches automatically to a trickle charge. The trickle charge prevents self discharge of the batteries when left in the charger. This battery charger is a great battery management charger and designed to get the maximum life out of your rechargeable batteries - An impressive charger at a very good price. *The charger does not include batteries

Pack Information
Battery Sizes: AA, AAA
Battery Technologies: NiCd, NiMH
Battery Types:
  • AA AAA
Chargers per Pack: 1
Mfr Part Number: 1001-0005-UK-1
RRP: £36.95


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