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Ansmann ALCS 2-24A SLA Battery Charger

by Ansmann
Power-Sonic design and manufacture their products using the latest technology - ensuring they meet the high demands of each application. SLA batteries are most commonly used for fire systems, medical devices, emergency lighting, etc.
  • Charges 2V-24V
  • Compatible With SLA Batteries


Pack Information
The Ansmann ALCS 2-24A is designed to charge Sealed Lead Acid batteries from 2V to 24V with capacities from 2.4Ah to 24Ah. It applies the following charging currents:
Battery Voltage Charging Current
2V 900mAh
6V 700mAh
12V 600mAh
24V 300mAh
Battery Technologies: SLA
Charger per Pack: 1
Manufacturer's Warranty: 36 months
Mfr Part Number: 9564006-1
Pack Weight: 297.0g
RRP: £18.95


Product Range
Compatible With
SLA (2V, 6V, 12V & 24V)