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Energizer LED Vision HD+ Focus Headlight - 80 Metres


The Energizer LED Vision HD + Focus Headlight is lightweight and brilliantly bright with a fully adjustable and comfortable headband which also provides a secure and stable fit no matter what the activity - be it outdoor pursuits or indoor activites.

The Energizer LED vision HD + Focus Headlight benefits from up to 6 hours battery life (high mode) and up to 50 hours in low mode. 

Three bright and long life LEDs provide up to 250 lumens of vibrant and super white light that has a beam range up to 80 Metres and the 2 red LEDs light help with night vision, considering it's size and weight it's a great distance - also has an easy to use on/off switch.

It has a dimmable function that allows you to go from 100% down to 10 % of the capacity of the light and a digital focus. The Energizer LED Vision HD headlight has a durable construction and economical, stylish lighting solution when both hands are needed.