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Energizer LED Vision HD Headlight - 50 Metres

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The Energizer LED Vision HD headlight is lightweight and brilliantly bright with a fully adjustable and comfortable headband which also provides a secure and stable fit no matter what the activity - be it outdoor pursuits or indoor activites. The Energizer LED Vision HD headlight benefits from up to 8 hours battery life. 3 bright and long life LEDs provide up to 150 lumens of vibrant and super white light that has a beam range up to 40 Metres, it is quite far given it's size and weight, with an easy to use on/off switch. It has a dimmable function that allows you to go from 100% down to 10 % of the capacity of the light. The Energizer LED vision HD headlight has a Durable construction and economical, stylish lighting solution when both hands are needed.