The Best Batteries for Your Cordless Phone

Landline use is on the wane, but most households still have a cordless phone. So what batteries does your handset need?

What are The Best AA Batteries?

Duracell or Energizer? Single use or rechargeable? Cheap or expensive? Just what are the best AA batteries?

Are Expensive Batteries Worth It?

An odd question to ask the website selling the most affordable batteries around, but are expensive batteries worth it?

What are the Best Rechargeable Batteries?

A common question we get asked is about what the best rechargeable batteries are. Here we explore why the "best" migh...

Best Batteries for Festival Season

Whether it's festivals or camping, you need to pack more than just your tent and beer! Get the low-down on a range of...

What Are The Different Types of Battery? Batteries Explained.

When it comes to batteries, many of us don’t look past the number of A's on the label. But when it comes to batteries...

How to Recycle Your Batteries

How many batteries do you use in your home? There’s the ones in the smoke alarms, a handful in various TV remotes, po...

Which Are the Best Batteries for Hearing Aids?

To mark Deaf Awareness Week, Battery force investigate one of the biggest considerations for the hearing impaired – t...
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