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Watch Batteries

Nothing combines style and function like a great watch. They look great, and they have a real purpose – ensuring that you always know exactly what time it is. Or they should. As anyone who’s missed an appointment because their watch batteries chose the worst possible moment to lose charge knows that a flat watch battery has a real ability to impact your daily life.

But replacing your watch’s battery can be an expensive prospect. It doesn’t need to be. Not with Battery Force. We stock a range of watch batteries from leading manufacturers, and we ship them all over the UK for a surprisingly low price.

Watch Batteries from Just £0.99 – 70% Cheaper than the High Street

Just because a designer watch is expensive doesn’t mean that a reliable, brand-name watch battery needs to be expensive too. A glance at the batteries on sale at your local supermarket suggests that a new battery for your watch could set you back a surprising amount. It will, if you buy your batteries on the high street. It won’t, if you buy from Battery Force.

We’re the UK’s biggest supplier of consumer batteries for all kinds of applications, and when it comes to batteries for that watch on your wrist, you’ll be happy to hear that we’re an official importer and distributor for Ansmann and Energizer – two of the world’s leading manufacturers of small, reliable and long-lasting watch batteries.

We also stock cell batteries from JCB, offering single batteries for as little as 99 pence, or packs of 15 for just £2.00. That works out at cheaper than 15p per battery, and will keep you on time for years to come.

Spend £30, and get Free Delivery on Watch Batteries

All of our batteries are eligible for free delivery if you spend £30 or more on a single order. Of course it’s unlikely that you’d need to buy £30 worth of watch batteries, especially when the cell batteries we stock are so affordable to begin with. But pick up some rechargeable AAA or AA batteries while you’re here, along with any of our specialist batteries, and you’ll find yourself able to save on delivery more easily than you might think.

It’s time to stop paying over the odds for watch batteries. It’s time to switch to Battery Force.